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Auto Accidents

Your Premier Auto Accidents Lawyer In North Carolina

Your Premier Auto Accidents Lawyer In North Carolina

Being involved in an auto accident is scary and overwhelming. You have to figure out what to do about your car, deal with insurance, and try to recover emotionally, physically, and mentally. What’s more, unlike other types of accidents, auto accidents have more pervasive consequences. The effects of these accidents last long after the scene has been cleared and the property damage claim has been closed. We understand your unique position after an accident – that’s why our Charlotte, NC, injury firm has been dedicated to helping our clients get back to leading happy, fulfilling lives after an accident. Well-versed in auto accident injury law, The Emory Law Firm has years of experience fighting for clients with compassion and integrity, and we’re ready to work for you.

Can Being Partially At Fault For My Car Accident Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

In North Carolina, if you are found to be partially at fault for the accident that resulted in your injuries, unfortunately, you might not be able to recover compensation. This is due to the state’s contributory negligence law. While you can certainly file a personal injury claim if you were partly at fault for the accident in North Carolina, the likelihood of winning the case is slim. The Emory Law Firm can walk you through some of the steps of filing your claim as well as guide you in ascertaining the viability of your auto accident claim.

If I Was Injured In A Car Accident Caused By An Uninsured Or Underinsured Driver, Can I File A Personal Injury Claim?

Absolutely. You can still file a personal injury claim if you were injured in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Uninsured motorist coverage can provide the same recovery as if the at-fault driver had insurance. To access this, you need to prove that the other driver was at fault and that they did not have insurance.

Uninsured Motorist

Underinsured motorist coverage comes into play when the at-fault party’s insurance coverage isn’t sufficient to cover your claim. For example, if the at-fault party’s policy covers only up to $30,000, but your medical bills amount to $100,000, the underinsured coverage would be used once the at-fault person’s insurance is exhausted.

Filing An Auto Accident Lawsuit

While the decision to hire an attorney is entirely yours, having an auto accident lawyer can often lead to a better outcome. Insurance companies employ personnel who are trained to minimize the compensation they provide to injured parties. Therefore, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help you navigate these challenges and serve as a strong advocate. Hiring a Charlotte, NC or Kinston, NC, car accident attorney can provide you with skilled representation, enhancing your potential for the best possible recovery in your personal injury case. The Emory Law Firm’s expertise and knowledge of the law can be invaluable in dealing with insurance companies and advocating for your rights.

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