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Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseFairness And Justice: A Charlotte Criminal Defense Attorney Ready To Represent YOU

The criminal justice system is designed to treat a large volume of cases as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, this means that the human element of every case quickly gets lost.

If you have been arrested, even on a minor charge, you deserve a defense attorney who will fight hard for a fair and just outcome for you. Together, we will ensure that your rights are protected and work toward a better outcome for your case.

Attorneys Protect Your Rights When Charged With A Crime

It is an unfortunate truth that you cannot trust law enforcement, be they police or prosecution, to have your best interest in mind. They will mislead you, misrepresent evidence, and try to pressure you into an admission or plea deal.

You have every right to know and understand the tricks and tactics law enforcement will use. Better still, you deserve to have someone on your side who will stand up for your rights and seek a just and fair outcome.

At The Emory Law Firm, defending your rights is our top priority. And we will do so across a wide range of criminal charges of varying severity.

A Criminal Defense Attorney For Charges Affecting Ordinary North Carolinians

While cop and lawyer TV shows prefer to focus on the most extreme cases, especially murder, the truth is these are only a tiny fraction of criminal cases. Most residents of Charlotte, North Carolina and the US as a whole are far more likely to face lesser criminal charges. Since you are the people we serve, those are the charges we will help you face and beat.

Dealing With DWI/DUIs And Other Traffic Offenses

Traffic violations, including more serious criminal charges for Driving While Impaired (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI), are some of the most common you are likely to face. They can also have some of the most long-lasting and serious consequences.

Because it is often much easier to plead guilty and try to move on, traffic charges and convictions tend to stay on your record and can build up quite quickly. Such convictions will not only interfere with your everyday life and independence but will also lead to long-lasting effects like higher insurance premiums.

With the help of our criminal defense attorney, you may be able to reach a more just and fair outcome, such as a diversion or lesser charge, or even get it dismissed entirely due to police errors.

A Defense Attorney To Handle Your Criminal Drug Charges

The so-called “war on drugs” has had numerous victims in North Carolinians, but the most tragic are those who have been put away for exceptionally minor offenses or were never given the chance to prove they could do better.

Well, with Randy Emory on your side, you will have an experienced criminal drug charge defense attorney to ensure you are never among them. We will work around the clock to ensure your rights are protected and make sure law enforcement errors are pointed out to ensure a just and minimal negative outcome for you.

An Attorney You Can Call When Accussed Or Arrested Of Assault Or Domestic Violence

In large cities like Charlotte, when the police answer a call about a domestic dispute, they are unlikely to leave both individuals at home. Out of fear of escalation, they will arrest at least one and charge them with assault or domestic violence. If that happens to you or a loved one, you know who to call.

At The Emory Law Firm, we take the protection of your rights when accused to the next level. Ensuring not only that your rights are respected before, during, and after your arrest but also that your long-term rights, such as parental custody rights, will not be lost because of a domestic dispute or police misinterpretation.

For The Emory Law Firm, Justice Is Not A Short Term Goal

While we will often be able to get you a better outcome through negotiation or trial, our work as your criminal defense attorneys does not stop there.

The Emory Law Firm takes great personal pride in handling post-conviction matters, including expungements. These allow you to clear your criminal record and ensure that a past mistake does not interfere with your rights or your just treatment by society.

Find Fairness And Justice In Charlotte, North Carolina, With Our Criminal Defense Attorney

When it comes to facing any criminal charge, it is crucial to ensure that your rights are protected. By standing up for your side of the story and using all the law to defend, rather than imprison, North Carolinians, criminal defense attorney Randy Emory is working towards a more just and fair society.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal charge in Charlotte, it is time to make the call (704) 324-8500. Contact us now to find a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for fairness, for justice and for you.

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