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Managing Serious Traffic Offenses And License Issues In North Carolina

Police officer issuing a traffic fine to a seated woman in a car for a violationIn this article, you can discover:
  • The most common traffic offenses our firm handles, including reckless driving and school bus violations.
  • Circumstances leading to misdemeanors or license suspension from traffic violations.
  • The ways that working with an attorney can help you mitigate the negative consequences of a traffic offense.

What Are The Most Common Serious Traffic Offenses Charged In North Carolina That Your Firm Handles?

In North Carolina, our firm frequently addresses several grave traffic offenses. Apart from Driving While Impaired (DWI), these include reckless driving, running red lights, and, surprisingly, passing a stopped school bus. This last offense is particularly severe; it can lead to license suspension. Many underestimate its seriousness, but the law treats it with significant rigor. High-speed reckless driving, especially at speeds exceeding 30 or 40 miles per hour over the limit, also commonly leads to license loss. The severity often depends on the context of the speed – for example, exceeding the limit by 30 mph in a 70 mph zone is treated differently than the same excess in a 35 mph zone.

When Does A Traffic Violation Become A Misdemeanor Or Other More Serious Offense In North Carolina?

In North Carolina, certain traffic violations escalate to misdemeanors. Notably, reckless driving and passing a stopped school bus fall into this category. Lesser-known offenses like littering from a vehicle also constitute misdemeanors. Other charges, such as altering license plates or using fictitious tags (taking a tag from one car and placing it on another), can also lead to misdemeanor charges.

What Scenarios Most Commonly Lead To A Suspended License, And Can You Help With That?

License suspension often results from speeding violations, particularly when exceeding 14 miles per hour over the limit. Many are unaware that simply paying off such a speeding ticket can lead to automatic suspension. Our firm addresses these cases frequently, working to reduce charges or convert them to non-moving violations, like improper equipment, to avoid points on a license or suspension.

What If You Don’t Pay And Retain An Attorney?

Choosing not to pay a ticket and instead retaining an attorney is often the wisest course of action. An attorney can strategize to avoid license suspension, either by reducing the recorded speed to below the suspension threshold or by negotiating for a non-moving violation. This approach is crucial for more severe cases, like DWI, where license suspension is immediately upon charge.

Should I Just Pay My Traffic Offense Ticket And Be Done With It?

It’s generally not advisable to pay off a traffic offense ticket. Even for minor charges like seatbelt violations, there may be opportunities to have the charge dismissed. Paying the ticket can lead to unforeseen consequences, such as points on your license or increased insurance rates. An attorney might successfully have even minor charges dismissed, avoiding these repercussions.

Do I Need A North Carolina Traffic Offense Attorney?

Yes, hiring a North Carolina traffic offense attorney is highly recommended. An attorney can provide significant assistance, potentially lessening the charges or achieving dismissal. They can examine the circumstances of the traffic stop and identify any procedural errors, potentially leading to a dismissal. Representing yourself or simply paying the ticket often results in missed opportunities for better outcomes, as district attorneys are not obligated to inform you of all your options. Seeking legal counsel can prevent costly and complicated situations, like having to reverse a guilty plea that leads to a suspended license. For more information on Handling Traffic Violations In North Carolina, a free initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (704) 324-8500 today.
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